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On-the-Spot Feedback (OTSF) Guide

Strategies for engaging public audiences using feedback

On the Spot Feedback

OTSF Guide

What You Need to Know "On-the-Spot" to Collect Feedback from your Audience and Adjust the Direction of Your Public Engagement

The On-the-Spot Feedback Guide was developed to assist a science-based professional to enhance their public engagement skills and for anyone engaging with public audiences regarding technical topics.  The Guide comes in sections, so readers can read and download sections most relevant to their public engagement work. We recommend reading the core section “Using the Feedback-Response Cycle” as you explore the On-the-Spot Feedback Guide.


On-the-Spot Feedback Guide (pdf)






Key Sections of the Guide

The Guide has 3 main sections. The contents are listed below and each section has a downloadable pdf file.